Dalgona Coffee Recipe | How To Make Dalgona Coffee 3 Ways | Ditch the Starbucks Foam

The whipped coffee trend has been going around for a few months and I finally decided to show you my version and also show you how to make the trending TikTok Dalgona Coffee three different ways with the whipped coffee. This coffee whip goes by make names such as Magic Coffee Whipped Cream, Whipped Coffee, Dalgona Whipped Coffee, Magic Coffee, Cloud Coffee, Creamy Coffee Mousse, Frosty Coffee (and many more names) and the possibilities are endless on what you can do with it. I love to make Dalgona Coffee with it, but you can use it to frost cupcakes and other desserts, you can even eat it as is. The whipped coffee is whipped so it has really stiff peaks and the sugar makes it hold its shape for hours! It really is better than Starbucks foam. It’s smooth, creamy, cloud like and frothy. Basically, if you love coffee, this recipe is a must try and its only 3 ingredients that you probably have hanging out around your house.

🔴If you want to make less or more, the ratio is one part instant coffee, two parts water and three parts sugar.

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🔴Some stuff I used for this recipe:

Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer:

🔴Dalgona Coffee Recipe | 3 Ingredients Coffee Whip

1/3 cup (18 g) instant coffee
1 cup (192 g) sugar
2/3 cup (156) room temperature water

In a bowl of a standing mixer (you can use a hand mixture) add in instant coffee, sugar and water and whip on high until coffee mixture thickens and increases in volume and lightens in color (about 5-8 minutes). Make sure sugar is completely dissolved and you are read to serve. You can add this to hot or cold iced milk or black coffee and top it with the coffee whip and make Dalgona Coffee or top in on desserts. Enjoy!



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